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Kurosagi The Movie (2008)

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English Hard-subs thanks to Love Song Productions.
Director: Yasuharu Ishii
Writers: Kuromaru (manga series "Kurosagi - The Black Swindler") Takeshi Natsuhara (manga series "Kurosagi - The Black Swindler")

Cast: Tomohisa Yamashita - Kurosaki
Maki Horikita - Tsurara Yoshikawa
Sho Aikawa - Masaru Kashima
Mao Daichi - Sakura

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Plot: Yamashita Tomohisa plays Kurosaki, a man whose family was destroyed by swindlers, hence his deep hatred for the group. He follows in the steps of Bruce Wayne, though more focused in his vigilantism, targeting only con artists in a bid to do his own Robin Hood work, conning them back and reimbursing the respective victims. There are various categories of con-men, such as white for those out for riches, red for those out to steal hearts, and black for those who con other con artists.